New Tablet Toy!

The Kno tablet is coming to higher education and it looks interesting… 

Kno Tablet
Kno Tablet
There are a couple of promises made in this article that I would actually make me buy one if there are really true:
1.  Notetaking… does this mean writing with a stylus or typing on the screen?  Both are awkward for me, but writing naturally with a stylus and converting to electronic text is my personal educational nirvana on a mobile device.
2.  Storage on the cloud.  Is this through a University subscription?  My dream would be to take notes, record lectures, create electronic artifacts and store them in the cloud that the University subscribed to.  (I know I am a dreamer)
3.  Highlighting and sticky noting text pages… Please give me multiple colors, I used color as a metacognitive learning strategy to help me categorize items
4.  Long battery life up to a full day on campus… does this mean a graduate student’s day on campus (12 hours) or undergrad (considerably less…)?


Android based Galaxy vs iPad

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Compare carriers for the Galaxy… Very interesting

Galaxy Tab

The size of the Tab is larger than my hand and not as large as the iPad.  I think this might be a better size for me, but would I use this as my phone?  Probably not.  Now I am carrying two devices again… There seems to be no Nirvana for communication/computing devices but the Tab has a built in camera.  Very cool but I want one device that is convenient to use.  This is closer than any others I have seen…

iPad is behind the curve with cameras on their devices  Yet, I enjoy using the larger display on the iPad for Blackboard mobile and sheet music software. 

Gotta love those new gadgets…

To tech or not to tech…

That is the question Campus Technology and others are wrestling with.

Look in items 4 and 5.  Students want more online time and interaction with their computers, but in item number 5, there is an expectation that students will close those computers and spend some more quality time in the classroom…Hmmm sounds like there is some disparity here.  How to solve this problem?  Problem based learning.  Give the students the basic lecture material online before class, quiz them on what they read/heard and then ask them to USE the material in class.  For more information on how to do this: