New Tablet Toy!

The Kno tablet is coming to higher education and it looks interesting… 

Kno Tablet
Kno Tablet
There are a couple of promises made in this article that I would actually make me buy one if there are really true:
1.  Notetaking… does this mean writing with a stylus or typing on the screen?  Both are awkward for me, but writing naturally with a stylus and converting to electronic text is my personal educational nirvana on a mobile device.
2.  Storage on the cloud.  Is this through a University subscription?  My dream would be to take notes, record lectures, create electronic artifacts and store them in the cloud that the University subscribed to.  (I know I am a dreamer)
3.  Highlighting and sticky noting text pages… Please give me multiple colors, I used color as a metacognitive learning strategy to help me categorize items
4.  Long battery life up to a full day on campus… does this mean a graduate student’s day on campus (12 hours) or undergrad (considerably less…)?


What do you think?

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