Droid Apps

My favorite apps now are the Talk To Me app by Flaviu Negrean and Goggles app by Google. 

 The talk to me app allows translation from and into a myriad of languages http://www.androidzoom.com/android_applications/talk%20to%20me%20cloud 
I am even able to speak an English phrase and translate it into written and spoken Spanish.  The app doesn’t do this for all languages, but works great for Spanish!  I have found this app very useful for recording someone speaking in another language and translating into English. 

Goggles allows me to take a picture of a product, logo, landmark, etc. and find an amazing amount of data on the Internet about it including where to find or buy it, very very cool.  http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-applications/81333-free-google-goggles-app-download-android-phones.html

2 thoughts on “Droid Apps

  1. I really like the blog. I like to know what’s out there, not that I do anything about it, lol, but someday I might need that info. Is that the New River Bridge?

  2. It is actually the Victoria Falls bridge in Zimbabwe. One of the most beautiful places I have seen on this earth. I wish I had the nerve to bungee jump off the bridge, but I had young children at the time and thought it unwise. 😉

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