Drooling over Droid Bionic

Droid Bionic

The focus of my attention this week has been on tech toys because of the consumer electronic show stirring up my lust for new technology out there in sin city… is it getting hot in here?  The last toy to catch my eye is the Droid Bionic according to cnet http://ces.cnet.com/8301-32254_1-20027542-283.html?tag=TOCcarouselMain.0 it has some pretty impressive capabilities:

4G, dual-core processors …my heart is racing…
HDMI mirroring (so you can view video on both the phone and the TV when they’re connected)  1080p video playback  …oh my…
8-megapixel camera on the rear plus a front-facing VGA camera for video calls  …very exciting…
Wi-Fi and mobile Wi-Fi hot spot for up to five devices
Android 2.2
the WebKit browser also plays in-browser Flash video  …I might have found the perfect device…

But you know how these companies are, promise you the world, get you to commit to a two year contract and then start making the disclaimers…  😉 Caveat emptor or Buyer beware!  I will have to wait until the second quarter of this year to begin investigation in earnest in any case.  So…I will cool my  jets and get back to the zen of acceptance with where I am now until the Droid Bionic rides up to my front door, busts it down and sweeps me off my feet, sigh…

Next week I will get back to real instructional design issues, but forgive me for the shiny toy distractions of this week.  SQUIRREL!!!

What do you think?

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