Ever wanted one phone for work and play?

Dual sim cards allows for two phone companies.. :"

Viewsonic has an android based phone that has two sims.  You can now have one device that will allow you to use the plan that is paid for by your workplace and your personal plan all in one.  Nice concept if you have a workplace that pays for your phone but is picky about how you use it.  Wish it had dual cameras but you can’t have everything!  http://www.gizmag.com/viewsonic-unveils-worlds-first-dual-sim-froyo-smartphone/17944/picture/130687/


Digital Texts and the Evil Wikipedia

Is it possible that Wikipedia could be a valid source of information for university students?  Oh the horror of it all… Well, maybe not if you open your mind to this campus technology article http://campustechnology.com/articles/2011/02/16/student-research-can-googling-replace-168-intro-to-psych-textbook.aspx but before we all ditch our textbooks and use Wikipedia as our primary source of information, consider the source and judge for yourself.  Eleven University of Cincinnati seniors in the psychology program presented at an Educause event their research based on their question “Can students depend on what they find when they Google key terms? Secondly, we wanted to see what benefits are delivered through textbooks in their various forms.” They found that Wikipedia is a reliable source of information that may actually be more robust than needed for an introductory course.  I am not quite convinced yet, but am willing to consider an online version of a text to say a large amount of money, especially for a gened course.

What do you think?

Dual Screen Smartphone

Double Vision

I have been thinking that my slide out keyboard is a waste of real estate on my Droid and now, Kyocera has solved this problem for me.  The semi-multitasking Adroid 2.2 based phone does messaging, email, Web browsing, phone, gallery, contacts and VueQue (Kyocera app for YouTube videos) while mutli-tasking. Sprint will have this out second quarter and it might be worth a look. Think of your students viewing Mobile Blackboard on one screen and Facebook (lol) on the other…


Electron Laser Imaging

X-ray diffraction pattern of a single Mimivirus particle imaged at the LCLS (Image courtesy Tomas Ekeberg, Uppsala University.)
Three-dimensional rendering of the X-ray diffraction pattern for the Photosystem I protein, reconstructed from several thousand single nanocrystal snapshots taken at the LCLS (Image courtesy Thomas White, DESY.)

As an idealist and a photographer, I can see beauty everywhere.  Now with the help of laser imaging, we can see beautiful images from deep inside a world that was not previously accessible to us.  It is now possible to view viruses with the first hard X-ray free-electron laser.  This 10 ton, 7 million dollar imaging system is producing some amazingly beautiful images, not to mention, giving us some incredible scientific information.



Nanotechnology and Blood Clot Detection

Amazing new utilization of nanotechnology in using the heavy metal bismuth that is attached to fatty acids.  Injected into laboratory mice, the bismuth shows up on a spectral CT scan to identify blood clots and possibly even heal the ruptured artery.  This means there is faster and easier detection of life threatening blood clots coming in our future thanks to the research of Dr. Dipanjan Pan, at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri.

New Typing App for Android Powered Tablet

Typing App for Tablet

Using a tablet to type can be a little unwieldy given the size, weight and key locations on a tablet but all that is about to change.  The Swiftkey app combined with the Motorola Xoom tablet seems to be a perfect solution.  The app splits the keyboard to the outer edges of the tablet making them reachable with those ever so swift thumbs for texting.  The app claims to have superior predictive texting including predicting writing styles based on your Facebook, gmail and Twitter styles.  Duuuuuude… Check out this video of the app in action:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byH4ZS9WOyk&feature=player_embedded

3D Smartphones

LG is set to unveil a 3D smartphone in February.  The smartphone will not require the use of glasses to view the 3D LCD panel because there is only one viewer.  The larger screens have multiple focal points for multiple viewers, requiring the use of glasses.  The LG phone will have dual cameras, 3D-capable HDMI 1.4 and DLNA for sharing 3D content.  Stay tuned for some technocitement on the 14th at the Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona.