3D Smartphones

LG is set to unveil a 3D smartphone in February.  The smartphone will not require the use of glasses to view the 3D LCD panel because there is only one viewer.  The larger screens have multiple focal points for multiple viewers, requiring the use of glasses.  The LG phone will have dual cameras, 3D-capable HDMI 1.4 and DLNA for sharing 3D content.  Stay tuned for some technocitement on the 14th at the Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona.


2 thoughts on “3D Smartphones

  1. Steven Crawford

    Saw one at CES (not from LG though). The way these “glasses free” 3D screens work is by having the screen a specific distance from your eyes. When looking at the smartphones, tablets, and laptops that were glasses-free, I had to find the “sweet spot” for viewing by moving my head around.

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