Digital Texts and the Evil Wikipedia

Is it possible that Wikipedia could be a valid source of information for university students?  Oh the horror of it all… Well, maybe not if you open your mind to this campus technology article but before we all ditch our textbooks and use Wikipedia as our primary source of information, consider the source and judge for yourself.  Eleven University of Cincinnati seniors in the psychology program presented at an Educause event their research based on their question “Can students depend on what they find when they Google key terms? Secondly, we wanted to see what benefits are delivered through textbooks in their various forms.” They found that Wikipedia is a reliable source of information that may actually be more robust than needed for an introductory course.  I am not quite convinced yet, but am willing to consider an online version of a text to say a large amount of money, especially for a gened course.

What do you think?


What do you think?

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