Phone and Laptop Combo

Do I really need this?  A laptop/phone combo certainly has my inner techno-geek curiosity going, but would I enjoy using a laptop that has a linux based OS? It’s not really a laptop, but a laptop dock.  I could access my Microsoft Office applications if my institution offered a Citrix XenDesktop solution, but that is a lot to ask of a small institution.  There are two cameras, but this reviewer,2817,2379919,00.asp was not able to get a video chat app to work and was not impressed with the quality of the still camera.  So, really, what would I use this for?  It has AT&T service (no thanks) and a new OS to learn (no thanks).  I would really like a phone and real laptop combo that has PC or Mac OS (preferable Mac, hee hee).  In my ideal world of marshmallow clouds that rain gumdrops, I would have a iPhone with a MacOS running Office for Mac with that cool Motorola style phone and laptop body on Verizon’s 4G network…. I am a dreamer… but some of my wildest dreams are already coming true.  😉


3D Microscope Captures Motion in Movies

Montage of images captured by the 3D microscope

Technology is amazing.  With a special type of non-invasive illumination called two-photon microscopy, scientists now can look at 3D motion of cells.  Just amazing…  Wonder how much this is going to cost?