Tablets iPad2 and Others

The main question for me is what do I need a tablet for?
1. Mobile Blackboard and other educational opportunities
2. Written correspondence (wireless)
3.  Information gathering
4.  Some entertainment but not much

The new iPad2 is supposed to connect to your HDTV for display.  iPad2 can now display in full 1080p on the iPad 2 with HDMI or VGA cable. This is very interesting as an educator.  I would be able to show my screen to students but what am I showing them?  Video?  There may be some good videos out there I could show them… oh wait but not the ones in FLASH… ugh.. OK how about apps.  Yes, there are some educational apps that I might use to show students.   iPad does have really good apps and the few educational apps that come down the pike are developed for iPhone and iPad first before the Android OS.  I would like to use the iPad as a communication tool, but don’t want to be limited to Facetime.  I really like Skype and would like to use it to take full advantage of iPad2’s front and rear facing cameras.  Unfortunately, Skype’s iPad2 app is not ready yet.  You can use the iPhone app which is smaller, but when enlarged, the video quality is poor.

 So… onto other options:

More about this later…


What do you think?

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