Algebra on iPad Boosts CST Scores 20% Above Control Group

Algebra on iPad Boosts CST Scores 20% Above Control Group.

I will bet you a 30 year old bottle of single malt that the instructional strategy made the difference and not the technology.  How many times do we have to make the mistake that technology alone makes a difference in learning?  It is the technology with an affordance coupled with a strategy that gives us the nirvana of learning gains we are all looking for. 

See Richard Mayer’s book on multimedia learning  for emperical evidence in instructional technology.


Repetitive Stress Injury a Thing of the Past?

Airmouse may eliminate repetitive stress injury

Would you wear one of these?  Perhaps if you had numbness of the fingers, tingling, pain, etc from repetitive stress injury you would… check out the airmouse for only 129 US Dollars.

 The device should be available in the next 6 to 12 months. 

Blogs, Wikis, and Tweets…what’s the difference and how to use blogs in higher education.

Here is a great article on how to use blogs in higher education:
To summarize, blogs allow for longer posts than tweets and more individualized contributions than Wikis.  The article recommends five tips for bloggging:

1.  Have a pedagogical purpose (love this one!)
2.  Grade it! If it doesn’t count, they wont do it.
3.  Teach students how to do it (they don’t all know how to blog)
4.  Read it and post to their blogs.
5.  Have a “mother blog” that aggregates all contributions for the class (I need to try this one)