Another iPad Initiative…Why is this news?

Another institution of higher education is rolling out an iPad initiative.  Why is this news?  Frankly, it might be in the apps and not so much the device.  Moore College, a Pennsylvania arts college, plans to distribute iPads to bachelor of fine arts students in the Fall.  So, how is this different from other iPad roll outs?  Moore College plans to use special drawing and design apps to help students learn about fine arts and prepare them for technology in their industry.  Exactly how is this going to work?  They don’t specify anything yet, so stay tuned to see if drawing and design on the iPad will actually work for students.


Flipping Out in the Classroom

Consider this scenario:  Instead of having a bunch of text read to you at the front of the room from a PowerPoint slide, you study this PowerPoint presentation in the comfort of your home, click on a few links to see a video demonstration or animation on your computer and then take a quick online quiz to see if you are ready to attend a “flipped class” on the topic you are studying.  Instead of coming to class to hear low-level facts read to you, your instructor asks you to envision solutions to real world problems, create solutions and share your ideas with your classmates. This may be my educational Nirvana…