Social Media in the Higher Ed Classroom

Shenandoah University professor, Byron Grigsby is using Twitter to teach Chaucer.  The students are encouraged to post new takes on the story without violating the story line or reading ahead and posting a spoiler.  Students must understand the basics of the story, characters, plot etc. in order to paraphrase or add to the dialog.  It is a creative way to use social media to teach, engage students with the material in a new way, and allow students to tweet during class.  The professor finds students tweeting during the class discussion as they understand the nuances of the characters and the plot.  Professory Byron frequently teaches a “Dreaming and Afterlife in the World’s Religions” course for that freshman seminar. “Maybe,” Grigsby muses, “I could have them speak to God through Twitter.”  Now this would be an interesting experience.  I have to confess that the idea of tweeting to God has me thinking about what I would say… most of which starts with the words why did you or how did you…


What do you think?

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