Top 20 iPad Apps

Take a look at what is coming for 2013. I already recommend penultimate for writing notes, drawings, media etc. on an iPad. Voicethread is very cool for creating interactive presentations and Blackboard Mobile is pretty easy to use. I am going to try Socrative Dragon Dictation and Learnist next year. Stay tuned for a full report!


3D or not to 3D, That is the Question…

Adoption of 3D instruction is hindered not by cost of delivery, but by cost of development.  Until quality 3D content is readily available, 3D instruction will have to wait.  At the University of Rhode Island (URI) College of Pharmacy, 3D instruction is a reality.  The Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario have spent 600 hours developing 3D content.  Check out this article in Campus Technology.