Big Brother in Education

Is it a good or bad thing to have a big brother in education?  Well, it depends on how your parents raised you both.  In education, we are the parents, we must take responsibility of technology.  I think this database that keeps track of student performance, interests, etc. could go either way depending on how we make it behave. 

The commercial world is moving on and the educational world is following it.  When I use Pinterest to keep track of cool things I like on the web, it drives the ads I see in other applications and occasionally, I find something I really like that I would not have otherwise found.  The issue here is that I am an informed adult and the software in question is tracking the performance of our kids.  I say we keep our eye on this big brother to make sure it is a benevolent big brother and not a bully to our kids.  Bill and Melinda Gates are involved in this project and I believe this is related to or a spin off from the analytics dashboard used in the Khan Academy (data analytics at 1:00 minute mark in the video) public school initiative in California.  (just my hunch) As an optimist and an idealist, I will always look at the potential for good in education, but as a seasoned veteran of the educational world, I know to be cautious in my optimism. 


What do you think?

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