Get ready for the new school year   has great information and great tests you can do in private such as the self compassion test Self-compassion: laptop
Perfectionistic? Hard on yourself? Rate your level of self-compassion from the website of Kristin Neff, PhD, creator of the validated self-compassion scale.

Rachel Remen gave a talk at the American Association of Medical Colleges last year on how to recapture your whole heart in medicine

I just finished the Brene Brown book Daring Greatly.  It is a very powerful description of her research into how to become connected and whole hearted.  For a short video on what the book is about check out her Ted Talk:  Twenty minutes could change the way you look at yourself, your students, your family and possible the world.


MOOCS may be slipping away…

Bad news for MOOCs (massive open online courses)

This enlightening article highlights the difficulties with MOOCS and in my opinion, highlights the reason why online courses struggle. The reason? Lack of systematic instructional design. The ADDIE process is just an acronym for steps taken in a process. Real instructional design must follow a robust model that includes analysis and evaluation, the beginning and end steps that most people miss as well as inclusion of instructional strategies. Choice of strategies need to be based in research literature as well as appropriate for the learner. Find more information about the Morrison, Ross & Kemp model of instructional design here: