Google Glass knows your patients!

ER doctors at Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston use Google Glass to get information about patients with a QR code.  My geeky little heart is racing over this one:  

Excerpt from Ars Technica 

When a clinician walks into an emergency department room, he or she looks at [a] bar code (a QR or Quick Response code) placed on the wall. Google Glass immediately recognizes the room and then the ED Dashboard sends information about the patient in that room to the glasses, appearing in the clinician’s field of vision. The clinician can speak with the patient, examine the patient, and perform procedures while seeing problems, vital signs, lab results and other data.

If you are looking to develop for Google Glass take a look here  Please, someone link this up to electronic medical records with voice entry so docs aren’t struggling to enter patient information during or after an exam.  

It is a great time to be in medical education!