Julie Bridges, Instructional Designer

What do instructional designers do? Often, we are the mortar between the bricks of information technology, faculty members, accrediting agencies and evaluation committees.  Designers take an instructional task and look at it from many different points of view during a process that includes analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation (ADDIE).  We use instructional systems design models such as the Morrison, Ross and Kemp model. 

Technology provides a special challenge for instructional designers in that technology must not drive instructional design, but the affordance of technology must provide designers with choices based in instructional strategies.  For example, lecture capturing is growing in popularity but what are students actually doing with these recorded lectures?  The affordance of lecture capture gives faculty the ability to require students to review the lecture while utilizing the instructional strategy of requiring students to create examples of concepts from the lecture.  Let’s say that a professor is giving a lecture on statistical analysis to students from varying disciplines.  The professor may give a few examples of how and when to use a statistical procedure, but requiring the student to create their own example of when they would use, say, ANOVA in their research may be much more powerful.  Designers make sense of technology based on learning theory, so we live in both worlds of information technology and education.


One thought on “About

  1. Steven Crawford

    I love the metaphor “…the mortar between the bricks…” because it is so true. When I used to run technology workshops for K-12 teachers and admins, I referred to myself as a translator – translating technospeak into english.

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