Doctor on your wrist?

Imagine using your watch phone to communicate with your healthcare provider.

Some providers are using this device to help reduce readmissions for CHF.


Google Glass in Simulation Centers and Beyond!

U.C. Irvine using google glass in simulation centers to give medical students a first hand view of what they look like to the patient. The device is also useful in documenting group dynamics and helping groups playback a recording of the interactions among group members to learn about empathy, leadership and problem solving.

Tech envy

I want a pair and I admit it. I have tech envy. University of California Irvine medical school students are getting Google glass just think of all the cool things they can do with it.

My vision of utilizing Google glass in medical education and in medical practice would be to include a dictation component to the medical record so doctors can seamlessly collect information while they are seeing a patient. Instead of stopping and typing or waiting until the encounter is over to record the information the doctor can dictate directly to the record while looking at the record this is what I envision.