Technology for your classroom

If you ever wanted to tweet but didn’t know where to start, this is a great free resource to get you started Check out Twitter, Google, Pinterest, etc. and how to get started. This won’t tell you why to use them, but consult your local instructional designer for that information.


New Apps

Check out the new apps, especially the PaperPort Notes (free) that allows you to bring in files like PowerPoint and pdf document, annotate, narrate, mash together pictures, lots of other things.  Oh, and did I mention it is FREE!

Top 20 iPad Apps

Take a look at what is coming for 2013. I already recommend penultimate for writing notes, drawings, media etc. on an iPad. Voicethread is very cool for creating interactive presentations and Blackboard Mobile is pretty easy to use. I am going to try Socrative Dragon Dictation and Learnist next year. Stay tuned for a full report!

Medical Education is beginning to flip out

…and it is not just because of LCME.  😉 Stanford Medical school is turning its biochemistry course over to Khan Academy’s (Sal Khan) new way of making learning more appealing and possibly more effective.  Students watch a series of short 15 minute videos made to explain factual and low-level conceptual material before coming to class.  To make sure they have the building blocks necessary to start wrestling with higher order thinking, students take low-stakes quizzes to guage their learning.  Once the foundation is laid,“Teachers would be able to actually teach, rather than merely make speeches,” according to  Charles Prober, MD, senior associate dean for medical education at the Stanford School of Medicine, and Chip Heath, PhD, professor of organizational behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Professors at EVMS are beginning to consider the merits of flipping the classroom while students are researching about and asking for the instructional method by name.  Stanford students rated the biochemistry course higher and optional attendance increased from 30 to 80 %.  Read more about the process at Stanford here.  For an example of Khan Academy’s methodology, see this article and video

Teacher to the World – Khan Academy (it’s free and always will be)

“Teacher to the world” Khan Academy is “flipping the classroom”. Millions of people all over the world are learning the hard stuff the easy way from a humble genius that started in his closet. What is it with this guy? He has the magic formula for education and he is giving it to world for free. As a former secodary educator and a current adjunct instructor in the Darden School of Education at Old Dominion University, I am now and have been since he started, completely in support of this project. Wow…

Another iPad Initiative…Why is this news?

Another institution of higher education is rolling out an iPad initiative.  Why is this news?  Frankly, it might be in the apps and not so much the device.  Moore College, a Pennsylvania arts college, plans to distribute iPads to bachelor of fine arts students in the Fall.  So, how is this different from other iPad roll outs?  Moore College plans to use special drawing and design apps to help students learn about fine arts and prepare them for technology in their industry.  Exactly how is this going to work?  They don’t specify anything yet, so stay tuned to see if drawing and design on the iPad will actually work for students.